Month #6

Day # 154

Well, I am just starting my month #6 and I must say I am quite nervous!! The famous month 6 is known for not being very nice so I am just hoping it will be kind to me! zoo tsw1Adam and I had our 2 year anniversary last week and I thought I was doing great and I felt good and had energy so we decided to go to the zoo for the day. We ended up going for 3 hours and most of it was either in shade or in a bus that did the tours and I ended up burnt and swollen and I had hives all over my face and my neck, chest and face were so itchy! adam zoo tswWe came home and I had to have a shower right away and a nap, I was not well! Too much too soon I suppose. weird thing was that the next day I looked fine. Well, tsw fine anyways. My face went from being red as a tomato to back to the pale white. I think it was a mix of sun and the animals and the dust, it was more of a safari type zoo where you can get pretty close to the animals and their food and hay so I think it was a combo of things.

As I was getting ready for the day I was trying really hard to look half decent which with tsw is quite the effort these days. Since my last flare had me so dry and my mouth barely able to open I have been using moisturizer.tsw facetsw I have been a fan of the moisturizer withdrawal process which worked wonders for my body and I still use nothing on my body but my face cant seem to fall in line! It is so dry and so flaky it burns from being so dry. This is what my body did also but it eventually found it oils again but my face cant seem to figure it out. So I just gave in and started using Paw Paw Ointment on my face which has been helpful. Most of the time anything i put on my face just makes it super itchy but if I have a bath and then use it it seems to feel ok. My face skin is super picky! My scalp has always been horribly flaky and constantly sheds skin and so I finally did an olive oil mask which felt nice but my scalp still flakes non stop.

Makeup is always a challenge. I don’t wear it very often anymore which is weird for me. Before tsw I would wear makeup everyday all the time and I loved doing my makeup and getting ready. I loved it!! And I now look at makeup ideas and it makes me sad I just wish so bad I could have my face back!!! tsw makeupI have lost most of my eyebrows and they are so blonde now that you can barely see them so I have to draw them in. I can only use a tiny bit of eyeliner inside my eyelid and mascara if I am not using too much ointment or oils around my eyes otherwise I just end up looking like a Panda.

I do notice that sleep and water are the only two things that seem to make a difference with my skin and making it feel a bit better. it doesnt last long though. I constantly need to sleep and drink water in order for it to keep helping which isnt always possible but I do try and keep it up.

My ankles, fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, neck, face, and scalp continue to be issues for me the most. Still super itchy, super dry, oozing, weird sleep patterns, and have been getting hives lately. Not just little normal hives but big patchy hives that get super itchy and raised, usually a good shower or bath and a nap help them and thats about it, Also when I get super itchy if I sit in front of a fan it helps for some reason which is odd because before now if I did that it would just make me feel dry but keeping my body cool and sweat at bay seems to help a lot with the itchy of my face and neck. That being said, nothing helps my hands or arms they just seem to do there own thing. Still using sudocrem quite a bit though and wrapping them up whenever I can to keep from doing too much damage.

Here we go month 6, please be kind to me.


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