I know what you are all thinking, especially if you are a fellow TSWer. “What could possibly be a positive in all of this?” Yes, it is extremely difficult to find the silver lining in this whole thing but I think even if it is a huge reach it can help keep my download (1)eye on the prize to at least come up with a couple things that could come out of all of this awfulness. What is the point of all this pain if something good can’t come of it, even if it is just something small. I sure hope it’s not all for no reason!

– More Health Conscious: I have never been the health person. Never really paid much attention to my body or cared. This whole thing has made me realize that the body all works in a unit and everything works together and needs to be healthy and taken care of to function properly. positive-quotes-0Also one day when I have kids I want to be able to teach them about health and the value it has in everything we do, because truly if we don’t have our health we don’t have much!

– Research! I have learned that even though the medical community does what they can and I’m sure they mean well and they are needed for so many things but I will always look into anything I am told from now on. Just because a doctor says its ok or to do it doesn’t mean you should! I have learned that learning things for myself is key! I need to make the final decision for what is best for me.

– Don’t Need Makeup: So, weird thing, I can’t wear any makeup or do my hair or be stylish and guess what! No one has left me! Lol, yup everyone is still here and still loves me. I don’t need those things to be me and to have people that love me for who I am.

– Courage: Boy this has taught me to have courage and confidence. Well, ok I am still working on those but it will! Just going out in public is a struggle inside myself to not care what others think or to ignore their looks and stares. too-positive-quoteIt is hard and a work in progress but I think I will learn to just be myself and not worry about what others think. Even with all the support from others going through it too you still have to go through it alone and this whole thing has made me have more faith in myself and my abilities.

Well, there you have it some positive sides.

Who knew!

I am currently in my third flare and getting pretty down pretty easily so why not make a words of encouragement page!! We could all use this especially during this testing and trying time. I just hope I can look back when I am sad or down and feel lifted up and like I can keep going through anything! I hope this gives others new ways to look at things and new found courage and strength to continue.

you can!

This is a big one for me because I never really thought about it but just the fact that we started this is amazing!! Think about the courage it took. Most of us didn’t have support from our doctors and so we had to find the answers on our own and we did! We took our own action and took matters into our own hands with literally the world against us, that pretty impressive and thinking of that makes me feel like if I could do all that and start this tough journey then really I can make it through this.


I sure am learning this every moment of going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal. Learning everyday that persevering is really tough and takes a lot but not giving up is worth it and takes a strong person to keep going through tough times.

give in

This makes me feel better for some reason. When I get really upset and over-whelmed is usually when I am trying to control everything, control the itch, control the pain, control the symptoms, control the timeline. Well if there is one thing that is consistent with TSW is that there are no certainties and we really just have to go along for the ride. When I remember that and give in and just let it go I always feel a weight off my shoulders.

tsw women

This one really explains what the journey is like and I could really relate to it as this sure is a long and frustrating road!


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